MVC with Rescue on Bi-State Blvd – Delmar, MD

7/13/2007 – Wicomico EOC alerted station 74 Delmar to a reported MVC with injuries at the intersection of Foskey Ln. and Bi State Blvd. Rescue 74 responded with a crew of 8. Past Chief Jack Morris Jr. assumed the Bi State command and advised central to upgrade the assignment to a rescue due to the fact a door pop would be needed on the GMC. Engine 74-3 arrived with Chief J. Morris Jr. and command was passed. The crew from Rescue 74 removed the drivers side door and quickly extricated the patient.

A total of 6 patients were transported to PRMC making the accident an MCI. Crews cleared in about an hour.

Photographs by : Wayne Barrall


Author: Billy