Strange Accident w/ Injuries – Delmar Md

10/29/2007 – The Delmar Fire Department was alerted for an accident with injuries on Dagsboro Rd. 74 Command arrived to find a vehicle that had left the roadway and struck a parked pick-up about 200 feet into its owners driveway. Rescue 74 arrived and set up the “Res-Q-Jack” for stabilization of the pick up truck while EMS & firefighters worked around the vehicles. A medic unit was requested from Salisbury for ALS transport. Command placed the call under control when the patient was packaged and transported to PRMC in Salisbury.

The driver of the car claims that he passed out for an unknown reason and left the roadway going thru a roll of bushes, thru a field, into a yard and collided into the pick up.

Photographs by : Wayne Barrall


Author: Billy