Decon Drill, Hebron

11/4/2007 – This Sunday at 9AM, Stations 5 (Hebron), 9 (Mardela), 12 (Westside), and 14 (Sharptown) took part in Decontamination Training in Hebron. The De-Con Unit is stored at Station 14 Sharptown and if it is needed all 4 stations are alerted. This unit is called into service in the event of a Hazardous Materials incident. Once the unit has been setup, everyone and anything including tools, jewelry, clothes, that has been in the “Hot Zone” has to be decontaminated. The unit is a tent that consists of sprayers and nozzles that can be used with cold and hot water provided by a heater that is part of the unit. It also comes with a 3-piece roller carriage incase of an injured patient. The tent also comes with detachable dividers to make up to three sections inside the tent for privacy. Thanks to all that participated in the drill.

Photographs by : Billy Adkins


Author: Billy