Porch Fire- Ocean City, MD

1/1/2008 – At 1526 hours Ocean City E.O.C. alerted units for a reported structure fire in the 400 Block of St. Louis Ave.- at the Parrot Lagoon.

While responding Ocean City advised units responding that reports stated that a front porch of a unit was on fire.
Chief 52 (Asst. Chief Bo Duke) arrived on location and established Parrot Lagoon Command. ES-41-C (Lt. G. Temple) arrived on location and found a porch on fire with extension. A water can was used to knock most of the visible fire.

Chief 52 was also advised that a cat was still inside the structure. Crews made access to the house and rescued one cat.

The Crew from Engine 3 arrived on scene, dropped a 5 inch supply line at 5th St. and St. Louis Ave, and pulled a inch and three quarter line to the front of the structure.
Tower 5 positioned to the north side of the structure.

After securing utilities and overhaul units cleared the scene.

Photographs by : Ryan Whittington

Author: Billy