MVC with Rescue – Nanticoke Rd, Salisbury, MD

8/2/2008 – At 11:00AM Wicomico County Central alerted Salisbury Stations 16 and 2 for a 2 car MVC with Rescue. Crews arrived to find what appeared to be a t-bone type accident with one person trapped in the passenger seat of a Pontiac G5. Firefighters quickly popped the passenger door to free the trapped patient. Crews worked in the rain and used their own coats to help keep the pateints dry as they moved the patients from the car to the the awaiting ambulances. A total of five priority three patients were transported to PRMC.

Units on Scene Paramedic 16-1, Engine 16, Rescue 16, Paramedic 1, Salisbury PD

Photographs by : Billy Adkins

Author: Billy