House Fire – Wolf Rd. – Hebron, MD

10/8/2008 – At 10:45AM Stations 5, 16, and 74 were alerted for a residential structure fire at 7570 Wolf Rd. Crews arrived on scene to find a two story working structure fire. Engine 16 arrived on scene and immediately pulled a 1 ¾” line and started fire suppression. They immediately requested DP&L asap for a downed power line on the structure. Shortly after suppression crews exhausted the water supply on Engine 16 while other crew members were getting a supply line from Engine Tanker 5 to Engine 16. As Engine Tanker 5 arrived on scene they dropped approximately 300ft of 5” hose. At the same time crews pulled a second 1 ¾” hose line to the rear of the structure. Once water was available, crews once again started the suppression efforts. Once Rescue 16 arrived, Command advised for part of their crew to come to the structure to ventilate and the other part of the crew to pull a third line. Command requested an extra Tanker from Station 9 Mardela, and a standby at Station 5 Hebron by Station 14 Sharptown. Command requested another Tanker from station 74 Delmar, and requested that the Engine from Station 14 continue into the scene. Station 12 Westside was then alerted to standby at Station 5, Due to fire conditions and the structural integrity, Command advised all personnel to evacuate the structure. Crews continued fire suppression from the outside of the structure; meanwhile Command requested that the Fire Marshall be alerted. Forty-Five minutes into the operation DP&L arrived and was able to cut the power to the downed line. The crews from Engine 1-1 and 1404 were requested to the scene for overhaul. At 11:46AM Command notified central that the situation was under control and units to were to remain on scene indefinitely for extensive overhaul. At approximately 12:45PM some were cleared and allowed to return to their stations. Command was terminated at approximately 1:45PM.

Damages are being estimated at $225,000. Anyone interested in helping the family can contact Flo Bayraktar at

Units on Scene: Engine 507, Tanker 508, Engine Tanker 5, Utility 5, Paramedic A-5, Engine 16, Rescue 16, Engine 1-1, Airlight 2, Engine 1404, Tanker 905, EMS 9, Engine Tanker 74-2, Utility 74-8, Fire Police, MSP, Maryland State Fire Marshal, Delmarva Power

Cover up Units:
Station 14 Sharptown to Station 5 Hebron, then to scene
Station 9 Mardela at Station 9 for 14 and 5
Station 12 Westside to Station 5
Station 81 Laurel to Station 74 Delmar (81 soon thereafter dispatched to structure fire on Gordy Rd.)

FITHP Photographers on Scene – Billy Adkins, Cliff Shockley, Wayne Barrall


Author: Billy