MVC Hit and Run Reliance Rd – Seaford and Eldorado

11/30/2008 – At approx. 8:40PM Dorchester Central alerted Station 26 Eldorado and Dorchester Paramedic 200 for a MVC with injuries on Galestown/Reliance Rd in the area of the Reliance Store. At the same time Seaford EOC alerted Station 87 Seaford of the same MVC. Crews arrived on scene to find a single vehicle with 4 patients inside. The other vehichle had left the scene. Emergency crews transported 4 patients.

On Scene : Dorchester EMS 200, Rescue 26, Engine 87-2, Rescue 87-6, 87 Command, Ambulance B-87, Fire Police, MSP, DSP

(There were a couple more units on scene, (ie.. Sherriff Unit and Ambulances) If someone knows the ones I missed, please send a mail, and I’ll update it. Thanks, Billy

Photographs by : Billy Adkins

Author: Billy