Training and Controlled Burn – Eldorado, MD

2/17/2009 – Tonight the Eldorado Brookview, Hurlock and Federalsburg Fire departments conducted a training / controlled burn drill on Cokesbury Rd in Eldorado. Firefighters were able to practice different styles of ventilation, search and rescue, and suppression. After firefighters were finished with the training, they lit off the house which did not take very long at all to burn. I would like to thank Dan Ebling and Ben Eskridge for the invite to come shoot the burn. Also, thanks to Chief Murphy for alowing us to be there. I should hopefully have the video of the burn up by 2-23.

Thanks Again to the Eldorado Brookview Fire Department Station 26

FITHP Photographers on scene : Billy Adkins, Cliff Shockley, Bridget Harding

Author: Billy