Mock MVC- Lake Forest High School~ Felton, DE

5/1/2009 – Officers & Members of the Felton Community Fire Company, Inc. along with the Harrington Vol. Fire Company, staged a Mock-MVC at Lake Forest High School the day before prom. Before going outside to the MVC, students gathered in the auditorium to listen to a actual 911 recording and dispatch. This MVC included two vehicles which crashed into each other with a total of four patients.

The driver of the vehicle was arrested for drinking and driving and placed inside the State Trooper’s vehicle after a breathalyzer test. Two other patients had to be extricated from the vehicle by Rescue Crews. One patient was ejected from the vehicle and pronounced dead on the scene. Melvin’s Funeral Home arrived on scene to take the patient away in the hearse.

Students were reminded: “You drink and drive- YOU DIE!”

Story By: Ryan L. Whittington
Photos By: Robbie L. Watts


Author: Billy