Fatal MVC Tractor Trailer Fuel Truck – Princess Anne

10/28/2009 – On October 28, 2009 at approximately 0648 hrs the Princess Anne Sta.5 fire department was alerted for an accident with injuries involving a tractor trailer. PM-500 (Paramedic Tim Collins and EMT Dave Elliott) were notified by Somerset Central while in route that this was now being upgraded to a rescue with one patient reported unconscious. PM-500 arrived on location confirming it was a overturned gasoline tractor trailer with heavy odors. PM-500’s crew began to investigate and perform patient care. Somerset Central was then notified to have additional rescue support units from Station 3 Fruitland to respond and assist. Also, at this time the Hazmat unit from Salisbury was requested due to the hazardous load of the trailer. The EMS crew quickly confirmed the status of the patient was a PRI-4 and began securing off the area due to the hazardous conditions. Princess Anne command was established by Captain 5-52 (K. Walston).

Station 15 Allen was alerted for manpower and tanker to assist at the scene.

Once all units were on scene, a master plan was set-up for fuel containment and offloading. An empty Eagle Transport truck arrived so the 8,900 gallons of fuel could be removed from the overturned tanker. This part of the operation was conducted by the Maryland Department of Environment. It took approximately 3 hours to remove all fuel. After this was done, the medical examiner was able to examine the driver of the truck and pronounce him deceased. The crew of Rescue 302 removed the driver from the wreckage.

Several trees had to be cut down to enable tow truck operators to lift the tractor trailer upright. The north and south bound lanes of Route 13 were both closed during the 8 hours of crews being on scene.

Photographs by : Wayne Barrall


Author: Billy