Haz Mat Incident-Parkwood Apartments-Salisbury Md.

4/21/2013 – At 22:24 hours Wicomico Central dispatched Salisbury EMS for a unresponsive subject in a third floor unit at Parkwood apartments. Upon arrival Medics found two patients with one the victim of an apparent drug overdose. While accessing the patient medics recognized a serious situation existed within the apartment and contacted central for a medical assist. Station one units arrived and quick work was made of removing the patients from the apartment and sealing off the unit for safety. Previous training provided to some members of the responding units made it clear that there was evidence of a possible methamphetamine lab in the apartment. Further investigation revealed that other dangerous items from this suspected operation had been disposed of in the community dumpster. A call from units on scene brought Asst. Chief Chris O’barsky, assuming Parkwood apartments command. Command made a full assessment and advised central to upgrade the incident to a Haz Mat operation. This call brought a full Haz Mat response including Haz Mat 1 and the Wicomico County Decontamination unit as well as supporting equipment from multiple county departments. Upon arrival and set up of the required equipment a full briefing was held with all units on scene including the Maryland State Police, Emergency Management and the DEA. Haz mat technicians entered the building in Level A protection to assess the environment for air quality and chemical hazards. After a complete inspection the area was deemed safe from an immediate threat and sealed off. The scene was turned over to the Maryland State Police and the DEA for investigation and remediation.

Units on Scene: Asst Chief 1 & 2, Deputy Chief 2, Truck 1, Engine 16, PM 2, PM 16, Haz Mat 1, Utility 11, Decon 74-8, Eng 74-2, R/E 604, Brush 606 w/Decon Unit, Rescue 7, Tanker 7, Tanker 8, Emergency Management.

Fruitland, Hebron and Delmar provided stand by crews at Salisbury Stations during the incident

Photographs by : Mark Filippelli


Author: Billy