Overturned Tractor Trailer – Lewistown Road – Cordova, Md.

6/14/2013 – At approximately 8:10 AM Talbot Center dispatched Station 50 (Cordova) and Paramedic 90 for a 10-50 PI involving an overturned tractor-trailer in front of 10882 Lewistown Road. Engine 51 arrived on location, Officer 501 (M. Secrist) reported one tractor-trailer loaded with live chickens overturned in the roadway and established command. The driver of the truck refused treatment at the scene and the passenger was transported to the Memorial Hospital at Easton with minor injuries. Hazmat 1-1 (Rescue VFC) was added to the call to pump the diesel fuel from the saddle tanks. Lewistown Road remained closed for approximately 5 hours while the wreckage was cleaned up.

Units on scene: Engine 51, Engine 54, Paramedic 50, Paramedic 90, EMS-1, MSP and Talbot Sheriff’s Dept.

Photographs by : Bruce Secrist

Author: Billy