MVC with Rescue- Bypass and Coulbourne Mill Rd-Salisbury

9/1/2013 – At 0835 Hrs. Wicomico central alerted Station 3 Fruitland for a reported MVC with injury on the Rt 13 Bypass in the area of St. Luke’s Rd. Within minutes of the initial alert central upgraded the call to a MVC with rescue adding Rescue 16 from Salisbury station 16 to the call. While upgrading central provided additional information reporting two patients, one ejected and one confirmed rescue. Upon arrival Medic A3 confirmed the entrapment and corrected the location to the median at the overpass of Coulbourne Mill Rd. Upon arrival Deputy Chief Shrieves established Bypass command and had all hands working on patient care and extrication. After a speedy extraction units transported two priority two adults and one priority 3 infant to PRMC. Investigation by Maryland State Police determined the accident was the result of rear tire that blew.

Photographs by : Mark Filippelli


Author: Billy