House Fire – Hebron Md.

2/16/2008 – At 03:22 a.m. Hebron (Sta 5),Mardela (Sta 9), and Delmar (Sta 74) where altered for a reported house fire on Lillian St in Hebron. EMS 5 went responding with 515 (Beach) and went on scene with fire showing from sides C and D and went to Lillian St command. Engine 507 went responding with 519 (Parker) and a crew of 3 command advised Engine 507 to hit the plug on the corner of Lillian St and Gordy St and pull two 1 3/4” lines and go to a interior attack. Tower 5 went responding with 517 (Phippin) and a crew of 3 command advised tower 5 to set up side A and vent the roof. Rescue Pumper 501 went responding with a crew of 4 command advised RP 501 to lay 5” on Lillian St and assist interior crews. Rescue Engine 906 arrived on scene and command advised their crew to pull a 1 3/4” off of RP 501 assist crews inside. Truck 74 arrived on scene and set their stick up on side C and assisted crews with overhaul. Command placed fire under control units operated for app 3 hours.
Units on scene EMS 5, Engine 507, Tower 5, Rescue Pumper 501, Engine Tanker 5, B-5. Mardela Rescue Engine 906, Engine 903. Delmar Truck 74, Engine Tanker 74-2. Stand by at station 5 Westside Engine Tanker 1202. 
Story by Donnie Phippen of Hebron VFD
Photographs by : Wayne Barrall

Author: Billy