Accident With Rescue – Parsonsburg, MD

2/8/2008 – At 2238 hrs on Friday February 08, 2008, Wicomico Central alerted Station 6 (Parsonsburg) and Station 7 (Pittsville) for a Head-On MVC with Rescue on Walston Switch Road in the area of Hedley Court. Paramedic A6 and Rescue Engine 604 were the first units on the street and were advised of a 2 vehicle Head-On Collision with 1 reported to be trapped. Just prior to units arriving, Central advised that MSP was on location confirming entrapment. Paramedic A6 arrived first and immediately requested Trooper 4 due to a probable extended extrication. Rescue Engine 604 arrived with a Jeep Cherokee vs. a Plymouth Voyager Minivan and 617 (Asst. Chief E. Tyler) established command. 604’s crew immediately went to work on stabilizing the minivan and starting the roof removal. Command advised Rescue 7 to position behind the Rescue Engine and get their rams ready for the dash roll. To make easier access to the patient for the removal process, the crews used the Sawzall to cut a ‘2nd Door’ behind the drivers seat. After about 30 minutes, the patient was extricated and moved to the ambulance. After a more thorough assessment, Paramedic A6 transported Priority 1 by ground to PRMC. Medic B6 treated and transported the patient from the Cherokee. Engine 605 (Dep. Chief Rickards) handled the LZ for Trooper 4 at the intersection of Walston Switch Road and Shavox Road. Chief S. White and Capatain L. Tyler worked together to direct the Rescue Operation. Units remained on location until 0116 hours to assist MSP with lighting and to clean up the vehicle fluids.

Story by Eric Tyler (6-17) PVFD

Units On Scene: RE604, E605, Command 6, PMA6, Medic B6, Rescue 7, TC7, TRP4, MSP, WCSD, and FITHP.


Author: Billy