Maryland Red Knights Chapter 3 – Iron Butt Ride

6/28/2008 – Tonight the Maryland Red Knights Chapter 3 returned from the Iron Butt Ride. The riders left the Berlin Wal-Mart last night just past 9PM to ride 1099 miles in 24 Hours. The idea of the Iron Butt ride is to raise money for the Lupus Foundation. It involves all three states of Delmarva. The ride is conducted in a self-paced style, that is to say that there will be a number of bikes participating, but they will be riding in groups no larger than 4 and 2 or 3 is preferred for safety reasons. Each rider will be able to ride at his or her own pace and follow the course stopping when it is necessary for each of the individuals or riding pairs. Safety will be of the utmost importance. Each rider will be linked by cell phone to the lead car and the following truck. This will allow riders to be informed and to inform the lead and following vehicle if there are any problems. *No riders will be expected to talk while riding, they will however be expected to check in with the lead or following cars from time to time during fuel and rest stops.

In total there were 17 participants in the ride. As soon as I am able, I will get a list of the people that participated in the ride. The majority of the riders returned tonight at 7:20. As you can imagine they were all pretty tired, but were all in good spirits. Some of the participants came from as far away as Parksley, Virginia. Enjoy the pictures from the departure and the return.

Congratulations to all of the participants of the ride

You can find out more about the Maryland Red Knights Chapter 3 at their website.

Departure: Wayne Barrall, Billy Adkins
Return: Billy Adkins, Cliff Shockley


Author: Billy