Accident w/ Double Ejection- Laruel Del.

11/19/2008 – On November 19th just minutes after clearing another MVC, Station 81 along with Scmes 102, EMS 200, Trp2 were alerted for a MVC with reported rollover and subjects ejected. Cmd 81 with Asst Chief Steve Brittingham arrived and confirmed he had a single vehicle MVC with rollover and 2 subjects ejected. After checking Pt’s condition Cmd advised EOC to alert for an addition aviation unit. Both Amb from Sta 81 arrived and were assigned to each Pt. Rescue 81 with Chief Mark Sheridan arrived and was advised to have his crew assist with Pt care. 81-4 was next arriving unit and was advised same assignment. EOC advised Cmd LifeNet2 was his second aviation unit responding. EMS 200 advised Cmd to have Scems 107 respond to assist in stabilizing Pt’s for transport. At 10:49 Cmd placed MVC U/C and both Pt’s had been loaded and were enroute to Christiana Hospital. Laurel Rd was closed approximately 2 hours for the DSP C.R.U Team to do their investigation.
Units on scene: Cmd81, Rescue81, Eng 81-4. A&B 81, 81-30, 81-31, DelDot, Scems 102, 107, 200. Aviation units Trp2, and Lifenet2.
Story from Laurel Fire Department
Photos by Dean Culver

Author: Billy