Garage Fire w/Extension – Cattail Branch Road – Harrington, Del.

11/19/2008 – Around 20:15, Kent Center dispatched Stations 50 (Harrington) and 47 (Farmington) for a structure fire at 4430 Cattail Branch Road, west of Harrington and directed units to operate on K-TAC4. Command 50 with 50-16 (Rob Wyatt) went responding shortly after dispatch and was advised that this was reported as an involved garage fire with exposures. On arrival, 50-16 reported a garage fully involved with exposure to propane cylinders and extention to an immediately adjacent, but unoccupied, mobile home. At the direction of command, Engine 50-1 placed two CAFS lines in service, one to protect and cool the cylinders, and the other making a quick knockdown of the bulk of the fire. Command placed the incident under control around 20:50 with units working.

Units on scene: Command 50; Engines 50-1, 47-2, 47-5; Engine/Tankers 50-2, 47-3; Rescue 50; Brush 47-0
State Fire Marshal FM-13

Photographs by : Brian Slattery


Author: Billy