MVC w/ Injuries – Snake Rd. – Laurel, DE

12/19/2008 – At 11:24pm Sussex EOC alerted Station 81 (Laurel) and Medic 102 to a MVC with Injuries on Snake Rd. northwest of Laurel. Upon arrival, it was found that a Pontiac Grand Prix was teetering on the edge of a wide ditch with multiple victims. More ambulances were requested, and in the end 3 patients were transported, and there were 2 patient refusals.

Units Responding: Rescue 81, Engine 4, Medic 102, Medic 105, Ambulances A-81 & B-81, Ambulance B-87, Ambulance B-74. Rescue 87 and Ambulance A-14 were requested, but cancelled before arrival.

Photographs by : Cliff Shockley

Author: Billy