Fatal MVC with Entrapment- Magnolia, DE

12/20/2008 – On December 20, 2008 at 2125 Kent County E.O.C. alerted Station 55 (Magnolia), Station 48 Rescue Company, Trooper 2, Kent Medics 68 & 65 to the intersection of Autumn Moon Lane & Millchop Lane for a reported MVC with entrapment.

Deputy Chief Kevin Sipple arrived on scene, confirmed entrapment and requested 4 BLS units to the scene. Deputy Chief Sipple established command and began giving units their assignments.

Rescue 55-1 arrived on scene and began to set-up for extrication. A-55 & A-48 were the first two BLS units o arrive on scene. Crews began assessing patients and triage. A-48 confirmed one priority one patient would be flown to CER.

Ambulances B-41 & B-49 arrived on scene and assisted ALS with patient care.
Engine 55-4 arrived on scene along with Rescue-Engine 48-1 and assisted with patient packaging. Trooper 4, flew one patient to CER. All others were transported to the local ER.

Story By: Ryan Whittington

Author: Billy