2 Car MVC White Lowe Rd – Hebron MD

5/14/2009 – At approx 11:35 AM Wicomico Central alerted Station 5 Hebron of a MVC with injuries at the interseection of White Lowe Rd and Rt. 50. Emergency Crews arrived on scene to find a 2 car MVC with one vehichle in a ditch and one patient still inside the vehicle. EMS workers stabalized the patient and removed them to the waiting ambulance. Fire cleared the scene in approximately 45 mins. Westbound Rt. 50 was shut down during the duration of the incident untill the vehicles were removed.

Units on Scene : MSP, MSFP, Rescue Pumper 501, Paramedic A5, Ambulance B5, EMS 9

Photographs by : Billy Adkins


Author: Billy