Stormy Weather Causes MVC w/Rollover

6-22-2009 – Station 3 (Fruitland) was alerted Monday night for a MVC w/rollover, northbound Rt. 13 just past Old Eden Rd., with 4 patients. PM 1 arrived on scene and requested 2 additional ambulances due to the number of patients. One ambulance was requested from Allen (PM B16), the other ambulance requested came from Salisbury (PM 2). The medic units transported 2 adults and 2 pediatric patients to PRMC. One patient was a priority 2, the other 3 were priority 3. RE 302 with the command of 318, was working on patient care, stabilizing vehicle and a hose line pulled for standby, b/c upon arrival the vehicle was on its side smoking from the engine compartment. Traffic 3 and Squad 3 assisted by shuttin g down northbound slow lane of the highway and diverted traffic to the fast lane. Other agencies on location were WCSD and MSP.

Note: Patients were pulled out of the vehicle by bystanders prior to emergency vehicles arriving on scene.

Photographs by : Jason Donalds

Author: Billy