Controlled Burn – Hurlock, MD

6/23/2009 – Tuesday, Hurlock Vol. Fire Dept, along with East New Market, Secretary, and Cambridge came togather to train on structural firefighting. Firefighters were able to train for interier firefighting. Once the training was done for the night, the building was allowed to burn the rest of the way down. Firefighters from each company helped keep the blaze under control and from reaching to other structures around the building. It took approximately 1 1/2 hours for the building to fall. The crew from Engine 6-1 stayed after the burn to ensure the safety of the surrounding area and public.

Units on scene : Eng 6-1 Eng 6-2 Eng 6-3 Tanker 6-1 Eng 21-2 Tanker 21-1 Eng 16-2 Tanker 16-1 Tower 1-1

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Photographs by : Billy Adkins


Author: Billy