Combine & Field Fire in Berlin, MD

07/07/2009 – At approximately 1450 hours Berlin Fire Department was alerted for a combine fire and natural cover fire on Circle Rd. near Fooks Rd. Chief D. Simpson and his crew arrived with Engine 604, Brush 602, Engine 608, Tanker 605, Showell Vol. FD responded with Brush 806, and Willards Fire Company responded with their tanker which was staged out on the road.

Chief Simpson and his crew quickly put out the combine and field fire only to have a bailer catch on fire. As Brush 602 worked its way around to the bailer and assisted in putting that fire out, there was smoke from under the brush truck. The ground under the brush truck was very quickly soaked with water to prevent yet another fire. The incident was brought under control in about thirty minutes.

Photographs by : Dale Shaw


Author: Billy