MVC w/ Injuries – Whitesville Rd. – Delmar

11/28/2009 – At 9:33pm Sussex EOC alerted Station 74 (Delmar) to a MVC with Injuries on Sussex Highway at Whitesville Rd. Command 74 (M. Skarson) arrived to find a patient laying just off the roadway attended by a member from Station 87 (Seaford). Paramedic A-74 and Medic 102 arrived and transported this patient Priority 1 to PRMC. Crews from Rescue 74 arrived to secure the vehicles, a Toyota Corrola & a Ford Explorer . Additional ambulances from Delmar & Station 81 (Laurel) were called to the scene to evaluate 2 to 3 more juvenile patients, along with the driver of the other vehicle. Two minors were transported to PRMC Priority 3 for evaluation. Station 6 (Parsonsburg) provided an EMS coverup at Station 74 during the alarm.

Units on Scene: Command 74, Rescue 74, Engine 74-3, Paramedic A-74, Ambulance B-74, Sussex Medic 102, Ambulance B-81, Sussex County Fire Police & Delaware State Police.
Additional Units: Ambulance A-81 (returned upon arrival), Ambulance A-6 (standby at Station 74)

Photographs by : Cliff Shockley

Author: Billy