MVC w/ Rescue – Melson Rd – Delmar

12/31/2009 – On 12-31-09 the Wicomico Co EOC alerted Sta.74 Delmar for a motor vehicle accident on Melson Church Rd. While enroute EOC advised responding units that FF B. Morris was on scene and advising that this would be a rescue operation. 74 Command with Deputy 74 (A. Rementer) arrived on location to find a vehicle inside a garage. Rescue 74 arrived led by 74-15 J. Morris and started to stabilize the structure. Crews then used the ‘O Cutters’ to cut the ‘A, B and C’ post. They were then starting to make a relief cut on the roof when the car caught the debris under the vehicle on fire and caused a lot of smoke. The decision was then made to do a rapid extrication. The driver was then loaded into an awaiting ambulance and transported to PRMC in serious condition. The crew of Engine 74-3 then soaked the area down with a 1 ¾ inch hose line.

Author: Billy