Overturned Propane Truck – Locust Grove Rd. – Easton, Md.

2/9/2010 – Today Station 60 (Easton), Station 20 (Oxford) and Paramedic 90 were dispatched for a 10-50 PI involving an overturned propane truck on Locust Grove Road. Chief 60 (C.R. Chance) arrived on location to find a propane truck overturned in a ditch. Officer 601 (C.R. Chance) established command and upon further investigation reported the truck was not leaking. Command had the first engine continue into the scene and had all others stage on Oxford Road due to the poor road conditions. Talbot County received approximately 22 inches of snow on Friday and they are predicting an additional 10-18 inches tonight and tomorrow.

Photographs by : Bruce Secrist


Author: Billy