MVC w/ Heavy Rescue – Rt13 Bypass – Salisbury

6/25/2010 – Around 6:15AM Wicomico Central Alerted Salisbury Stations 1 and 16 of a MVC with rollover and rescue on the Salisbury Bypass at the over pass for the railroad tracks coming out of Perdue. While en route MSP advised central that this was a serious mvc. Once on scene emergency crews found a single vehicle accident where the truck had gone off of the overpass and onto the railroad tracks some distance below. EMS personnel and firefighters quickly went to work tending to and extracting the patient. Extrication took about 45 minutes to complete. Once extrication was completed emergency crews still faced the challenge of getting the patient back up to the surface for transport. A pulley system was utilized using Truck 1 and a stokes basket. After the patient was lifted to the road, he was packaged into the ambulance and transported to PRMC. Traffic on northbound Rt. 13 was completely shut down during the incident and was opened back up at 7:30AM.

Units on Scene : Chief 1, Chief, Rescue 16, Engine 16-1, Truck 1, Paramedic 1, Paramedic 2, MSP, Wicomico Sherriff

Photographs by : Billy Adkins

Author: Billy