Pickup vs. Motorcycle – US13 – Delmar

6/29/2010 – At 11:50pm Sussex EOC alerted Station 74 (Delmar) to a reported MVC w/ Injuries on US13 South, about 1/2 mile north of the state line. Crews arrived to find a motorcycle half under the front end of a pickup truck. The motorcycle had shifted into a lower gear anticipating the upcoming red light. The pickup truck not seeing any brake lights didn’t realize the bike had slowed and plowed into him at 55mph. The truck continued propelling the bike forward, with the bike driver holding onto the front of the bike to keep from falling from under the truck. The bike driver was able to walk away from the accident with no injuries. The bike was just purchased newly this morning in Boston, MA and was being driven home to Norfolk, VA.

Photographs by : Cliff Shockley

Author: Billy