MVC with entrapment – Greensboro Rd. – Greensboro, Md.

1/3/2011 – At 4:40 PM Caroline dispatched Station 600 (Greensboro), Station 300 (Denton), Paramedic 16 and Paramedic 13 for an MVC with entrapment in front of 11810 Greensboro Road. Chief 6 (J. Bambary) arrived on location to find one vehicle that had side swiped a tractor trailer and then overturned with the driver entrapped. Officer 615 (J. Bambary) established “Greensboro Road” command.

Crews did a roof removal to extricate the patient which was transported to the Memorial Hospital at Easton with minor injuries. The driver of the tractor trailer refused treatment at the scene.

Units on scene: Chief 6, Engine 603, Engine 604, Rescue 300, Engine 304, Paramedic 13, Paramedic 16 and Ambulance 391

Photographs by : Bruce Secrist

Author: Billy