Rescue Tech Class Gets On Hands Practice

1/5/2008 – Early Saturday morning the Rescue Tech class got some hands on experience. Utilizing tools such as The Jaws of Life, O-Cutters, Cribbing, Rescue Jacks and Rams, students were able to practice various scenarios they will meet in emergency situations. Using Rescue Jacks they practiced stabilizing a vehicle that had rolled onto its side, then moved on to using cribbing and Rescue Jacks to stabilize a vehicle on its wheels.

Using the Jaws of Life they practiced a Door Pop on both passenger doors of a minivan. They then performed a Door Pop on the Driver’s side door and using a Saws All and a Ram, created a 3rd Door to allow extrication out of the back seat.

Students then moved onto the car where they were able to practice a V-Post Rip using The Jaws of Life and The O-Cutters. Once all the doors were popped from the car they moved on to a Roof Extrication where they removed the roof of the vehicle.

After the roof had been removed, the Instructors had them practice doing a Dash Lift using O-Cutters, and a Ram then perform a Dash Roll using the O-Cutters and The Jaws of Life.

Members of Mardela Vol. Fire Department, Sharptown Vol. Fire Dept, Vienna Vol. Fire Dept. and Queen Anne’s Emergency Services participated.

Thanks to Instructors Erik Peterson and Mike Collins for letting me be there and take these pictures.



Author: Billy