Structure Fire – Reliance Mobile Home Park

1/6/2008 – Around 1:00 am Sunday Jan. 6, 2008 the Dorchester County 911 alerted Station 26 ( Eldorado-Brookview) , Paramedic 200 (Dorchester County EMS), and Station 6 (Hurlock) for a structure fire at 6065 Flamingo Dr in Reliance Mobile Home Park. Safety Officer 26 (D. Wheedleton) arrived on location and advised all units the structure was a single wide trailer fully involved. She also advised Paramedic 200 that they had several burn patients. Chief 6-2 (J. Treigo) arrived on location and assumed Flamingo Dr command. Engine 6-2 was the first arriving apparatus to the scene. Command advised them to pull lines throw the front door and start initial attack. Engine 26-1 and Tanker 26-1 were the next incoming units. Tanker 26-1 supplied Engine 6-2 and Engine 26-1. Once Tanker 6-1 arrived, they supplied Tanker 26-1 with a water shuffle. Standby crews were placed at Station 6 by Station 21 (East New Market) and at Eldorado-Brookview by Wicomico Station 14 (Sharptown) . Caroline County Station 100 (Federalsburg) was requested to assist with overhaul.

Paramedic 200 handled the most critical burn patient who suffered burns to face, neck, back, arms and upper chest area. MSP Tropper 4 was dispatched to the call to air lift this patient to John Hopkins Bayview Burn Center due to the severity of injuries. Safety Officer 26 had L-Z command. Caroline County Rescue 100 was requested at the scene to assist with patient lifting. Meanwhile, Paramedic 6-1 (Hurlock) transported three priority three patients to Nanticoke Memorial in Seaford, DE. This unit also assisted one patient at the scene, who refused transport, who had attempted to free the family from the burning house.

Approximatley 50 firefighters assisted in the blaze. Situation was placed under control. After the arrival of the Fire Marshall, all units were cleared and returned to quarters.

Units at scene: Engine 26-1, Tanker 26-1, Engine 26-2, Rescue 26-1, Utility 26-1, Engine 6-2, Engine 6-3, Amb 6-1, Tanker 6-1, C.C Tower 1, C.C Resuce 100, C.C.Amb 109, C.C. 102, and C.C Tanker 107 and Chief 1.

Standby: Station 21 (East New Market) – @ Station 6
Wicomico Station 14 (Sharptown) -@ Station 26

Photographs by Bridget Harding



Author: Billy