Controlled Burn – Blades, DE

3/22/2008 – Crews from Sta.71 Blades, 81 Laurel, 77 Georgetown and Sta.14 Sharptown held a controlled burn of three chicken houses at 14734 Concord Rd east of Blades. It only took 2 hours to burn 2 large and 1 small chicken houses. The wind helped out a lot by blowing all the smoke over a large field and into the woods. People said they could see smoke in the air from 30 miles away. The Blades Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary was on there to pass out breakfast sandwiches during the burn. After the drill the crews met back up at Blades Fire Department where they were grilling hamburgers for everyone to enjoy lunch. It was a good time had by all.

Fire in the Hole Photography would like to thank the Blades Fire Department for the invite! We are glad we could help out!

Photographs by Wayne Barrall, Billy Adkins, JR Adkins and Dave Coleman


Author: Billy