MVC w/ Entrapment- Felton, DE

3/26/2008 – At 1333 hours Kent County E.O.C. alerted Station 48 (Felton), Medic 68, Trooper 2, & KM 5 for a reported MVC at Henry Cowgil Road & Berrytown Road. 48-18 (Asst. Chief Thompson) went responding and A-48 shortly after. Chief Thompson arrived on scene and established 48 Command, finding a two vehicle MVC with one car overturned.

A-48 arrived on scene and began assessing the patients. The crew from A-48 requested Command to get one additional BLS unit and a second helicopter and confirmed entrapment of two priority one patients.

A small child in a car seat was rapidly extricated from the vehicle. Rescue / Engine 48-1 arrived on scene and began extrication on the driver of the vehicle. The Rescue crew began extrication of the patient. Airbags were used to lift the vehicle up and allow access to the patient.

Ambulance 41 arrived on scene and began assisting with patient care. Engine 48-2 arrived on scene and advanced an inch and ¾ hand line to the scene. Command had the crew of Engine 48-3 assist the Rescue Crew.

It took the EMS crew approximately six minutes to extricate the small child. Both patients were flow to CER. Command was terminated at 1443 hours.

Units Responding: A-48, A-41, Medic 68, KM 5, Trooper 2, Rescue / Engine 48-1, Engine 48-3, Engine 48-2, A/C 48-18, DSP, 48 FP.
Photographs by : Ryan Whittington


Author: Billy