Controlled Burn – Powellville Md.

5/14/2008 – The Powellville Volunteer Fire Department with help from Pittsville & Willards fire departments conducted a controlled burn on Wango Rd west of Powellville. Crews performed several live fire evolutions in the home. Newer members were able to advance a hose line into a room full of fire and were able to put the fire out under the close supervision of older well trained firefighters. Ladders were raised and used for a way of escape in case of an emergency.

Many cadets were able to gain knowledge of the proper ways to advance hose lines, were taught how to read smoke conditions and exterior fire attacks.

Also on scene was a local bloger named Joe Albero who owns and runs Salisbury News. He gained valuable information on fire tactics and suppression. He was able to use actual fire fighting gear and enter the home under very close supervision and was able to flow water and feel some heat. I feel he left the drill with a better understanding of how the fire service works on a fire scene.

All in all it was a good and educational drill for everyone involved.

Thanks to the Powellville Fire Department for the invite!!
Photographs by : Wayne Barrall

Author: Billy