Controlled Burn – Parsonsburg Md.

8/28/2008 – On Thursday August 28, 2008, firefighters from Parsonsburg conducted a controlled burning of a chicken house on Johnson Rd. just west of Wango Rd. Parsonsburg was assisted by Salisbury FD, Sta.1; Powellville VFC, Sta.11; and Fruitland VFC, Sta.3. Everyone met at the South end of the chicken house and recieved their assignments. Engine 607 set up draft in the branch just east of the burn site and supplied Engine 1103 that was set up on the ‘D’ end. Engine 1-1 & Tanker 1101 protected the exposures in the middle on side ‘A’ while Engine 605 & Tanker 305 covered the ‘B’end. Both 605 & 1103 covered the ‘C’ side of the structure with handlines coming from each end of the chicken house. Tanker 608 was used to shuttle water from the draft site to fill the tankers from 3 & 11. The training went very well and we like to thank Salisbury, Powellville, and Fruitland for their assistance and for hanging in there for somewhat of a long night. 622 (Lt. J.Willey was the OIC). Go here Video of the controlled burn to see the video.

Units on Scene: Parsonsburg – E605,E607,T608,Br606,B6,Command6; Salisbury Sta.1 – E/T1-1; Powellville – E1103,T1101; Fruitland – T305
FITHP Photographers Wayne Barrall & Dave Coleman on scene, also Billy Adkins for a little bit as well.


Author: Billy