Deal Island MVC

1/2/2009 – At approx 3:50pm, Somerset Station 4 (Deal Island) was alerted for a MVC with injuries. Central advised that it was a single vehicle versus telephone pole with one patient.Crews arrived to find a pick-up truck in the ditch with the telephone pole broken. The only occupants of the truck were the driver and his dog. The driver had already gotten out and was resting in another vehicle while waiting on emergency crews. The dog was apparantly uninjured as it jumped out and ran off. It was believed that the dog ran home. The ambulance from Station 5 arrived, packaged the patient, and transported him to PRMC as a priority 2. The situation was declared under control when MSP arrived and Fire Police remained on scene awaiting the utility company.

Units on scene were Engine 407, Squad 400, Ambulance A-5, Fire Police, and MSP.

Photographs by Malaki Greer

Author: Billy