Single Car MVC with Rescue – Woodland Ferry

1/2/2009 – At 11:17pm, Station 81 (Laurel), Medic 102 & Trooper 2 were alerted to a MVC with Rescue on Woodland Ferry Rd, just east of the river. A Hyundai coupe left the roadway in icy conditions and skidded through brush and trees before landing in the marsh 300ft from the Nanticoke River. After extrication, medic crews worked on a single patient for an extended time to stabilize for transport, it was decided that A-81 would transport by ground to PRMC. Trooper 2 was returned to service. (Developing Story, subject to change)
Units Responding: Rescue 81, Engine 81-4, Engine 81-5, Ambulances A-81 & B-81, Medic 102, Medic 200, Trooper 2, Laurel Police, Delaware State Police, Fire Police and Delaware DOT.

Photographs by : Cliff Shockley

Author: Billy