MVC w/ Rescue Rt.13 Bypass Milemarker 30 Fruitland

5/26/2009 – Early Tuesday morning Wicomico County EOC alerted Station 3 Fruitland and Station 1 Salisbury of a MVC with injuries on the Rt 13 Bypass just north of St Lukes Rd, at the 30 milemarker. Command arrived on scene and advised Wicomico of entrapment and Station 16 was alerted at that time for Rescue 16.
EMS crews attended to the patient while rescue workers took off the roof, popped the door and rolled the dash to free the trapped patient. Once freed, emergency worked transfered the patient to a longboard then to the waiting stretcher and ambulance.

Units on Scene: Rescue Engine 302, Traffic Control 3, Technical Rescue 16, Paramedic 1, Maryland State Police

Photographs by : Billy Adkins

Author: Billy