Salisbury Fire Department Dive Team Training

10/5/2009 – On October 5, 2009 the Salisbury Fire Department held a ‘’Press Conference’’ at the Public Works Dept on Isabella St in Salisbury. The Salisbury Fire Department announced they were awarded an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Port Security Grant where they will use the Grant to buy a new Rescue Boat.

Also on this day, the SFD Dive Team conducted several under water dives. They were looking at several barges that have been sunk in the Wicomico River for years. The dive team went searching for any markings on the barges to find the proper owners. Also they were checking to see the size and condition of the barges in hopes of one day raising the barges from the bottom of the river. The City of Salisbury has under gone a major clean up of the North Prong area of the Wicomico River and raising these old barges from the river is just one step in doing so.

Photographs by : Wayne Barrall


Author: Billy