Car vs Tractor Trailer w/ Rescue – Salisbury

12/17/2009 – Around 11:45 AM Wicomico Central alerted Stations 2 and 16 of a MVC with Rescue on the Salisbury ByPass south of Naylor Mill Rd. Emergency crews arrived on scene to find a 2 car MVC involving a tractor trailer and a Jeep Compass with 2 people trapped in the Jeep. EMS quickley attended to the patients and had both loaded into the ambulances within 10 minutes. One southbound lane was closed during the duration of the accident.

Units on Scene : Truck 2, Technical Rescue 16, Paramedic 1, Paramedic 2, MSP, Sherriffs Dept., DOT

Photographers on Scene : Billy Adkins, Cliff Shockley


Author: Billy